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Victorian Cut Glass Fount Table Oil Lamp

This original Victorian clear cut glass fount oil lamp is a splendid example of its kind.

Many quality oil lamps on show at various venues look great but have just been given a surface clean. They may still carry the toll of years and years of use behind the scenes in the parts which rarely are seen... the parts which really matter.

This beautiful lamp is different. It has been completely disassembled and every single part from the brass stand couplings to the tiny pin which secures the burner’s snuffer lever professionally cleaned, thoroughly checked, and carefully restored where necessary. The burner has been completely serviced and now after over 100 years of accumulated dirt and debris has been removed from the hidden inner parts and new wicks installed is ready for many more years of display.

The photos now show all and this beautiful Victorian oil lamp is a pleasure to view and is worthy of pride of place in any modern home.

A fantastic clear cut glass fount in virtually perfect condition supported by a perfectly matched brass sectioned Art Nouveau stand.

The duplex twin side by side flat wick burner is a beauty and has 'English Made 1-1/16" Wick Duplex' inscribed on the ceramic wick winder knobs. The antique ‘Griffin Brand’ chimney is the correct oval shape and compliments the lamp perfectly.

The globe shade is also in great condition and again is a perfect match. This has the occasional typical bubble flaw which help to verify the age and there are a few of the usual usage fleabites to the base which can’t be seen when on the stand. It is possible that at some time the top may have been re-chamfered as there is a slight indentation where once a flea bite may have been removed.

All in all a really beautiful object and a professionally restored lamp is a rare pleasure to own.

Height to top of chimney 24 inches.

Weight (empty) approx 2890g.


note  personal inspection and collection of this lamp would be welcome

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