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"Discovering Oil Lamps" Book

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"Discovering Oil Lamps"
Cecil A. Meadows

For such a small book, just 7" by 4½" with soft cover and comprising only 48 pages "Discovering Oil Lamps" contains an incredible amount of information about oil lamps, their history, types of fuel used through the ages, different types of chimneys and burners, sizes, shapes, dimensions, facts and figures - in fact everything anyone needs to know to put them on their way to becoming an expert on oil lamps!

This book could be said to be the father of all oil lamp books, I have seen passages blatantly taken from it inserted word for word into much more expensive and glossy books on oil lamps.

Cecil A Meadows was in the ironmongery trade from the early 1920s when oil lamps were still widely on sale. He built up a considerable collection himself and as these items of nineteenth century lighting started becoming obsolete he put his knowledge on paper in book form for the benefit of all lovers of how things were.

Bad News and Good News!!

The bad news is that I have completely sold out my stock of the 2001 reprint.

The good news is that Shire Books have now reprinted this fascinating and informative book and it can be purchased direct from them at:-

Please mention our name when you order.




Image of Discovering Oil Lamps Book